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Shinsun Property Group Co., Ltd. : a Pioneer Real Estate Company in China Shinsun Property Group Co., Ltd. ("SHINSUN" or "our Company"), a pioneer real estate company in China, holds a grade one real estate development qualification. Our Company has developed rapidly and is gradually forming a national strategic layout. Adhering to the positioning of "happy life operator", SHINSUN always adheres to its own happiness philosophy in pursuit of happiness.

"1+1+X" Strategic Layout, Excellent Development in Quality and Scale In 2019, SHINSUN upgraded and implemented the "1+1+X" strategy, that is, SHINSUN bases its development in Zhejiang Province, deeply penetrate into the Pan-Yangtze River Delta Region, and expand into other regional cities with high economic growth potentials beyond this region.Up to now, the Group's business covers Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces and cities. Under the guidance of the "1+1+X" strategy, SHINSUN focuses on the fine product manufacturing and service offering, and SHINSUN is moving forward vigorously towards the goal of excellent development in quality and scale.

Influential and Value-creating Happy Life Operator SHINSUN is committed to maintaining the leading scale in the region, deeply cultivating the core cities with high growth potential, creating influential products and brands, catering to the needs of customers in core cities, continuously upgrading and optimizing products and services, creating value for the customers, and creating all-round happy life experience for the customers through high-quality products and services. SHINSUN believes that houses are containers of happy life, communities are carriers of happy life and services are the bonus of happy life.

Committed to Becoming a High-quality Benchmark Real Estate Enterprise with Healthy and Sustainable Development Up to now, SHINSUN has more than 220000 property owners in China, has land reserve covering more than 23.33 million square meters (up to December 2020), SHINSUN ranked 30th in terms of total real estate sales from January to December in 2020 according to data released by CRIC. According to the list released by China Real Estate TOP10 Reascarch, SHINSUN ranked the top-26 of the 2021 China TOP100 Real Estatc Developers. Since its establishment, SHINSUN has always insisted on giving back to the society, actively engaging in public welfare, and practicing corporate and social responsibility, and has donated more than RMB500 million in total. In the future, SHINSUN will continue to build a happy life with ingenuity and become a high-quality benchmark enterprise with warmness, responsibility, and healthy and sustainable development.

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